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Consider, 2018.

Thanks to everyone for your patience between posts! I've been working on a few projects at the same time and all the while listening to music, thinking about music, but waiting to write about it.

This weekend I am happy to report that I successfully pulled off a birthday surprise for someone very special and they were genuinely surprised. If this is something you've ever wanted to do, please feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to share any and all wisdom. I can't do anything about the nerves you'll feel leading up to it, but if you're over 21 that's what adult beverages are for.

I'm letting you in on this weekend's personal moment, because while I was there during the surprise, I met someone who reminded me what this year is about. That's why this post is all about 2018. This person, a filmmaker and fellow dreamer here in Los Angeles, wore a silver bracelet with 2018 engraved into it. They told me that they did this before the New Year, knowing with intention that 2018 would be the best year of our lives. They used the word "our". Not singling themselves out to have all the goodness in the universe simply come to only them. They wanted to put this out there for everyone. That's saying something.

Sure, we aren't fortune tellers, but I do believe in the power of words, especially when we speak them. This was a bold statement for this person to make. With the "What If" brain that I sometimes have, I should have doubted what they said. Instead I agreed, wholeheartedly! Yes! Let this be our year. I'm not trying to sound like a self-help book, but I do want to try a different kind of "What If".

What if this person is right? What if this is going to be the best year? What if we say yes a little more? Maybe not have a whole year of yes, like Shonda Rhimes. What's up Shonda! We simply just try. What if we forgive ourselves a little more. What if we stop putting as much pressure as we are putting on ourselves and remember just how awesome we are. Cause we are AWESOME. If you have to, write it on your hand today. Put it on a sticky note on your laptop. Make it your phone's wallpaper or simply text it to a friend. I believe, like this person does, that WE, all of us, are awesome and this is our year.

Following this post, I'll share 10 awesome curated songs from me to you, to help make 2018 the great year that it can be.

So for 2018, with the ebbs and flows that will come, let's awesomely go into it.

It's April you say?

Good, let's start. I got my reminder this weekend. This is yours.

Peace, Love and Music,