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Consider, 2018. We did it.

It must be clear by now, just how much music means to me.

As a kid, I remembering sitting in front of the stereo for hours after school, until my Mom had to literally drag me to bed. Anything and everything that came out of those speakers was like magic to me. It didn't matter the type of music, I just wanted to listen to it. I still can't sit in a restaurant, or walk into a grocery store, or sit in a friends car without my ears perking up at whatever might be playing.

I want to hear it, I want to feel it, I want to know it.

2018. We did it.

This was the year I got the chance to meet so many amazing musicians and hear their stories. And best of all? I got to share them with you. I started Consider The Music with the hopes that I'd be able to showcase the underdogs, the one of a kind artists and the stars on the rise.

Every single day new music is being created, and it needs to be heard.

I'm truly honored and inspired by each singer and band that I've gotten to interview this year. I've learned so much about their process, what is in their hearts and how so many of them want to bring all of us closer together with their songs.

These artists and their music have not only been part of this website, but a huge part of my life and I hope yours.

Starting Consider The Music this year has been more than a dream come true.

Thank you for reading, for posting, for subscribing, for sharing and for being a part of making this happen.

As we celebrate the gift of another year, I hope I get another chance to find the best music under the sun and bring it straight to you. If even at least one of the artists or songs I've shared with you has made it onto your playlists then I consider that the best gift of all.

So here is my hope.

I hope music will continue to be a part of your life in the New Year. I hope it finds you, it surprises you and when you need it to, it carries you.

With all the peace and love I can send you.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you,