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Consider, 2018. The Playlist!

Hello dreamers! As promised, here are 10 handpicked songs from me to you, to help us remember that 2018 is OUR year.

1. Good Morning- Max Frost

Truth is, I came across this upbeat and inspirational song in a commercial for a carbonated beverage. I ran for my phone and opened up Shazam as quickly as I could, because I had to know who this artist was. It's safe to say I've listened to this song every single day since hearing it. No matter where I'm at, I turn this song up and sing along. I have a feeling you might too.

2. Sing- Pentatonix

One of my personal favorite groups of the last 5 years, that has had quite the evolution and all the while giving us solid music with just the sounds of their voices. You heard me! The track you hear has no instrumentation at all! Impressive right? This song, which is pure fun, has so many levels and is a journey in itself. This is great track about singing through life, its grey skies and sunny ones too.

3. Move Your Feet- Junior Senior

You may have heard this song before as it's been everywhere from film to tv commercials. It made my list, because as soon as you hear it you have to dance. Even if it's the subtle move of a shoulder, you find yourself moving. I couldn't think of a better track to get us moving into 2018!

4. Superheroes- The Script

I remember not too long ago, seeing a spot encouraging young girls to be superheroes. They played this song underneath and I felt myself tearing up. I didn't yearn to be a princess as a young girl, I wanted to be a superhero myself. In fact, I often woke up each birthday expecting to have been given some sort of powers. As I've grown, I realized that while they may not look like your typical superpowers, I believe we all have some and that they help us to help others in ways we can't even imagine.

5. Just Imagine It- MKTO

This duo really surprised me with this track. Try to listen to lyrics in this song. Each line is special and has a message for us. One of my favorite lines goes, "If you don't like those rules, remake them. Cause we live in snow globes. Shake them!" This song, like many on this playlist, talks about REAL issues. Life is real and we are all facing our own climb. I hope this song will help to make that climb a little easier. If anything remember, I'm right there with you.

6. Rockstar- A Great Big World

Ever dreamed of being a rockstar? Of course you have! This is another duo with an unexpected track. Known for their epic ballad "Say Something" that was a huge radio hit, this band turns out to actually be a lot of fun. I have a feeling you'll like this song, and you might even drop some air guitar at the end like I do!

7. Rule The World- Walk Off The Earth

A great big song, where the lyrics are really meaningful. It starts off by saying "Don't cloud my vision. I'm telling you not today, cause I'm seeing straight." Feeling like you need to break some walls down? This is the song for you. Going for a run and need help getting to that last mile? Turn this up!

8. We've Got Love- Babyface

This song shifts a little bit vibe wise on this playlist. But I had to include it because I do believe love to be a driving force. Babyface, an artist a lot of you may or may not be familiar with is a music legend. Not only as a solo artist, but because he's produced and written some of your favorite songs of the past 25 years. This is his most recent track and I love it. Take a listen and let me know what you think!

9. Alright- Kendrick Lamar

I don't have to say much about this track. Kendrick Lamar is hot right now! Coming off a history making Pulitzer Prize win and an amazing past couple of years, there is no slowing down the incredible artist and person that is Kendrick Lamar. No matter what happens, he reminds us here "We goin be alright!"

10. Heartbreak Dreamer- Mat Kearney

This song is really important to me. I've loved Mat Kearney as an artist for a very long time. The way he infuses his songwriter background with some of the best hip hop beats around, is amazing. I didn't think as an artist that he could still surprise me, but I was wrong. The ending tag of this song features a spoken word piece by Anis Mojgani. It gives me goosebumps every single time.

So that's it dreamers! 10 songs for you right now!

Enjoy and keep dreaming!

Peace, Love & Music,