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Consider, Cody Fry.

It's safe to say that if you've been around me lately, I've either sent you the link to Cody Fry's album or demanded you stop what you're doing and listen to it.

Yes, I've been a bit bossy.

All within good reason of course. I found an artist that has managed to take songwriting and melodies to the next level. Or maybe, quite honestly, he's reminding me of the songs I grew up listening to. With songwriters who knew how to pull at your heartstrings and also made sure you were having a good time.

On his 2017 Album "Flying", Cody Fry has covered an array of musical genres and subjects without being utterly ridiculous. In the song "Go" he takes you on a literal adventure. Saying to his listener,"Climb something high, don't look down and don't look back. Yeah, when I die I want to know I lived like that." The song moves like a convertible driving along the beach, with that feeling that anything is possible.

In the title track "Flying" he touches on the possibility of someone letting you down. But not just someone, the Universe or possibly a loved one. Unfortunately, we have all been there and he's there to share his version. He sings "You said If I believed enough, I would fly. Why didn't I?" But the genius of this song is where it goes. It's an honest song that seems to be mostly one filled with hurt. It's possibly the most honest on the whole album. It's destination with surprise you. I dare you, YES, dare you to listen to it and see if you don't feel emotional and inspired at the same time.

Think about the last time an artist did that?

The honesty continues on "Want Me Back". A letter to a love, that it seems, he didn't appreciate. Sorry to call you out Cody, but it's your song. This very funky almost, FutureSex/Love Sounds type of song, is one that goes on for about 5 minutes. You can tell he had a lot of fun with this one, even if maybe he hints that it wasn't his forte. I'd take a whole album full of tracks like this, if anyone wants to know.

Cody Fry should be on every major stage, sharing his message. I believe he's currently based in Nashville. Definitely a goal to tell everyone in Los Angeles about him, so a petition can be created. Not joking even a little.