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Consider, Penny and Sparrow.

“I’ve seen you and I know you, and I’m not going anywhere.”

These words come straight from a track entitled ‘Duet’ by Penny and Sparrow. With haunting harmonies and a folksy melody, it’s enchanting to say the least. This deeply romantic and real song talks about love without ever using that heavy four letter word.

Love is defined differently by every single person on this planet. What this song does, is it encapsulates something I think we all hope for. For someone to look straight into your heart, to see the things you have carried all this way. The burdens, the losses, the tears and the victories.

And to decide to stay.

Lyrically, I admire the way they’ve found a way to talk about these weights, that we all have, both literally and poetically.

This duet, features Stephanie Briggs (someone who is definitely on my radar) now. She carries the second verse like a champ in my opinion.

When I saw that the song was entitled ‘Duet” I thought they’d maybe missed the chance to be original. But what is a real duet? One where two people are a part of something, and they stay right there together. Sometimes taking independent moments, but supporting each other through it. Naming the song Duet? Genius.

This duet, is strong and beautiful and one of the most honest I have heard in quite some time.