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Consider, Bernhoft.

Sitting down to write this, it's important for me to get it right.


Because this artist means so much to me. I haven't met him yet, but I hope I do one day. So that I can thank him for being there for me on the long car rides, in the waiting rooms, during the dinners with friends and most importantly when I need that song to keep me fighting and dreaming another day.

I first discovered Bernhoft, here in the US, when a video went viral of one of his live performances. This is the same performance that caught the eye of a lot of people, including Ellen Degeneres and Conan O'Brien.

Here's a great clip of him performing live on CONAN.

I realized, that this wasn't just a phase or temporary musical crush for me. I have lots of those. This was different. Every song I heard, every chord change, every lyric, it moved me.

Bernhoft found a way to blend soul, and funk and pop, and rock in a way I've never heard before. He found a way to break through subjects of pain, and love and politics that I haven't heard since the days of artists like Al Green, Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye. The musicianship which one could compare to legends like Prince, alone is impressive. But with that voice, you're transported to another galaxy.

Hailing from the beautiful nation of Norway, he actually used to sing Heavy Metal. Yes. Heavy Metal. Now for the record, I'm bringing this up because I think Heavy Metal is an incredible genre, one I'm grateful to learn more about each day. But it's the total opposite of funk and soul. Apparently Bernhoft found a Bill Withers record, and everything evolved after that. Bill Withers is a revelation, so it makes sense. Don't know who Bill Withers is? Please take a moment of your day, or your week and play just one song. He'll feed your soul, I promise.

I've been blessed to see Bernhoft play live twice here in LA and have plans to, when he comes this way again in October. If there are still tickets available, please join me.

You've probably noticed that I haven't shared a specific favorite song with you.


Part of the magic of his music, is whether it's a ballad about finding love in another solar system, or one about fighting against feelings of doubt, or a song about the misuse of control of those in power, I believe he has a song for everyone.

If we're in the car together and you let me play DJ. My all time favorite game. It's a sure bet, the first thing I'm going to play is none other than Bernhoft.

As someone in music, a question I often get asked is who's your favorite right now, or what kind of music are you listening to? Bernhoft, is all of that and more.

He's a musical dream, that actually came true.

Peace and Love,