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Consider, Lenay.

After years of working as a host on MTV's Top 10, with the upcoming release of her brand new single "La La Land", recording artist Lenay is ready to show the world a side of her they've never seen.

Her brand new track is an honest and open portrayal of Los Angeles. She sings about much of what we all feel sometimes. Especially when we're just one of many, in a large metropolis. So many lights, so much noise and all the while trying to hear the beating of our own hearts.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Lenay recently. Here's a little bit from our conversation.

CTM- Upon listening to your new track 'La La Land', I wonder if you meant the song as a love letter or as a song of warning to those who would travel to Los Angeles?

Lenay- I think both! I think flaws are beautiful, in people and places, because it's real. I also think a city can seem like a different place to each person who lives there, depending on the circles you are in and just your outlook in general. I've been to LA before, but for some reason this time it just looked different. I began writing about the differences, and out popped "La La Land."

CTM: Do you plan to be this open and honest in all of your music? Is that important to you?

Lenay: I do! And I really that love you noticed the lyrics, thank you. I think a lot of times lyrics can get lost in melody/production, because I equally love those on the song. Another song I wrote (which I may never release) starts out with,"when songs that you heard your whole life now make sense to you." Because sometimes you just sing along to catchy songs because you like how they feel, and then suddenly one day the lyrics hit you and you're like... ohhh!!!!!! Not sure if that makes sense or if it happens to you, but it's happened to me a bunch. But yes, I think there's a lot of truth in songs that get lost, and I hope I always share my truths in my songs, forever.

CTM: What's the most personal song on your upcoming album and what is it about?

Lenay: I think one called "Fireproof" that I'm probably going to release a few songs from now. And "La La Land" actually, but Fireproof is definitely one that kind of gets me worked up whenever I sit down to work on it or listen to it. I can't wait for you to hear it and find out why.

CTM: With your diverse background, will your audience hear any of those influences on your upcoming album?

Lenay: Oh my gosh, I hope so! I'm still in the process of 'finding my sound' and figuring out what I love and want to show people when it comes to my music. Lately, I've been having a BLAST mixing reggaeton beats with dark pop sounds which are turning out SUPER freaking cool. I'm finding my own unique style more and more and that's becoming a huge part of it. I think that's where my music might be headed, and I can't wait to see how people react to those songs, because I would love to do more! "Fireproof" is one of those!

CTM: Who do you hope to reach with your music?

Lenay: Whoever needs it or loves it! I think music has a way to make people feel like nothing else can. When a song is important to you, it can become a part of your life and can bring you memories when you listen to it in the future, and can make whatever you're doing 10x better. Like a road trip! Gosh I love road trips.

Check out Lenay's brand new single here!

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