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Consider, Trinidad and Tobago.

About 3,924 miles away, I find myself catching an unforgettable sunset right off of the gulf. I'm here, wishing that the Sun would hold on for just a little bit longer. Anything to hold on to this moment.

As I sit down to write this piece several days later, while my head might be here in Los Angeles, my heart is somewhere else.

Trinidad and Tobago, a paradise for many visitors, means much much more to me. It's the beginning of my history, it's a source of inspiration, it's an ongoing feeling of pride, and most importantly, it's home.

You'll find two original genres of music there, Calypso and Soca. More than anything, they are the beating heart of Trinidad and its people.

Never have I seen such energy, spirit and bold love, as when a Soca songs starts to play. I'd always been familiar with it, but found myself immersed in it during a recent trip visiting family. I wanted to hear it as I got ready for the day, as I drove with family to the famous landmarks of the country and even in the shadowed corners of parties where everyone danced so close, there wasn't as much as a breath between them.

I don't think they needed air. The music was their oxygen.

One thing I can tell you for sure, is that the music of this country isn't shy at all. You might see a little redness come over your cheeks if you really immerse yourself in the lyrics. But in a world where we hold on so tight to everything, these songs are sure to move the hips of even the stiffest person you know.

Here you'll find a playlist, from me to you, of 10 handpicked songs from some amazing local artists in Trinidad. I hope you'll give it a listen and give them a chance.

I wish everyone in the world could have a chance to visit the beautiful nation of Trinidad and Tobago. A land filled with music, energy and heart, so much heart.

Peace and Love,