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Consider, Avery Wilson.

"Cry a river, build Rome in a day. Yeah, I would."

Those achingly beautiful notes poured out of Avery Wilson about 3 years ago. It was the first time I'd ever heard his voice and it would stay with me.

I heard something in his record 'If I Have To' that I don't think I had heard in years. Honest, gritty, and frank emotion that was so sky high, it didn't even touch the physical realm.

Lyrics get passed over so many times, as we focus on a beat, or melody or even just a feeling that a song gives us. But I dare you to listen to this song and not hear every word as clear as day.

As he pours out his soul to the one he cares for, he wants them to know without a doubt there is nothing that he won't do. I dare say it should be marked as one of the greatest love songs of all time and I don't say that lightly.

So what do we know about Avery Wilson? He popped on the mainstream radar in 2012 as a contestant on The Voice. It must have been the ONE season I didn't watch, because I would have been glued to the screen. I did however go back and listen to some of his performances and I have to say... singing an Usher song is so difficult. Why? Because one, we are so used to the tone and sound of Usher's voice and yet Avery found a way to blow through the track with his OWN style and vigor and sound. It was electrifying to the point that I found myself listening to his version instead.

Here is that FIRST audition, singing 'Without You' by Usher.

And here is his song, that I'm going on and on about.

'If I Have To' by Avery Wilson.

So what is Avery up to now?

I recently watched an amazing documentary on music mogul Clive Davis and I was overwhelmingly surprised and happy to see that Avery had caught Clive's ear.

I believe, Avery Wilson's voice could take us to galaxies beyond what we can even imagine. I hope you'll follow his journey. I know I will...

Peace and Love,