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Consider, Phil Good.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to write about Phil Good and his new track "Put It All On Me". Well, I can tell you because I'm literally typing it out right now.

In all honesty, I don't think I knew what to expect when someone sent me this song. After pressing repeat a few times, it's a sure bet that I'm loving it and think you will too. Is it a Dance record? No. Is it a Pop record? No. Is it a Ballad? No. It's pretty much of all that, rolled up into one perfect masterpiece.

And on top of everything, the lyrics are so in depth to what he's feeling and who he's writing about. I feel like Phil popped out his piano or guitar and played this for me before anyone heard it, just to get it off his chest.

But alas, it is a fully formed song that your ears truly need to hear. This soulful, funky guy with a heart clearly full of melodies, is one to know, one to watch, one to hear. I got a chance to chat with him. Check it out below:

Consider The Music: I love the new single. It takes a few turns in just the first minute. Tell me more about the creation of this song, and the choices to move the pace and then pull it back?

Phil Good: Thank you!! I co-wrote and co-produced this one with Max Hershenow. It came together pretty quickly, which is always a great feeling. I think the change of pace just felt natural. The verses are very intimate and specific and the chorus is more of a broader, shout-it-out type of lyric so I think it just felt right to have the production follow those feelings.

Consider The Music: I'm hearing some serious funk in this record. Who are some of the biggest influences for you? Phil Good: I’m kind of all over the place as far as influences go. I listen to a little bit of everything, and I tend to listen to the same handful of artists/songs for months at a time. Right now it’s been a lot of Sylvan Esso, Troye Sivan, The 1975, and this artist I just found out about Chelsea Jade. As far as the funkiness, I think that’s something that I’ve just always gravitated towards. My dad is an incredible funk/reggae bass player so I grew up with groove.

Consider The Music: It feels almost like if Ray Lamontagne, Robin Thicke and Chromeo made a musical baby, this is the song that would be born? Am I totally off base?

Phil Good: Interesting!! I don’t know much about any of them besides Chromeo, but I’m down with that!

Consider The Music: Lyrics are SO important to me. From what I'm hearing in this record lyrics are important to you too. Tell me about who and what inspired the words behind this track?

Phil Good: I wrote this for my girlfriend who is also an artist. At this point in time she was feeling very defeated and unheard by everyone around her and it was really sad. So this song is basically me telling her that I’m here to vent to whenever she needs.

Consider The Music: I honestly can't wait for more music from you, what's up next for you?

Phil Good: That’s amazing! I’ve been working on wrapping up a handful of songs that are written but not fully produced. I’m planning on finishing them by the end of the year and hopefully putting out the next one at the top of 2019!

I meant what I said. I can't wait to hear more from Phil and I hope after getting to know him better you'll give him your support. Click on the links below and show him some love!





Check out his single here!

Peace and love,