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Consider, Christine Gordon.

“You gotta ride to survive it. Don’t you know, your answer's out there. Somebody loves you way more than you’ll ever know.”

These are just a few of the beautiful and inspiring lines, from dance-pop sensation Christine Gordon’s new single ‘Tidal Wave’.

Rising up the international dance charts, (currently at #15 on the MusicWeek Commercial Pop Club Chart)‘Tidal Wave’ is not just a great song, with a great message. It’s akin to the most honest letter someone could ever write and then entrust you as the only person to read it.

That’s exactly how it feels to hear the powerful vocals on this epic track from an artist I’m so excited for you to meet.

Christine Gordon is a rare artist in this era of music and each word she sings is there to inspire and uplift you. It makes sense, since it’s her goal. To remind the world that our dreams are more than just dreams, and that they are possible.

A celebrated member of the stage for over 20 years, Christine has crossed all musical genres, cultures, languages and has a heart so big that it has survived catastrophe and loss with the bravest soul.

When I first heard the single, emotions were definitely part of the experience. But more than anything I heard a voice, a voice the whole world should hear.

Whether listening to the remix by UK/DJ Producer Liam Keegan, Chicago's Steve Smooth and Dirty Werk, thrilling to the heart-pounding remix from Grammy Award Winning Producer/DJ Dave Aude (with 130+ #1 Billboard Dance Singles to his credit!) or simply taking in the gorgeous "introspective acoustic" mix featuring the tender guitar stylings of Tyler Conti, Christine wraps your heart up in her hands with her heart-felt lyrics and sincere vocal delivery.‘Tidal Wave’ is sure to lift you up to the sky.

Written in 2015, in the beautiful surrounding atmosphere of St. Maarten, Christine had no idea that this song would signal the foreshadowing of tragic moments to come. In 2017, St. Maarten was devastated by Hurricane Irma. Christine’s home and musical family which she had built for over 10 years, was hit with suffering unlike they had ever known.

The song then became more than a message, it became an ode to the incredible people of St. Maarten as they began to rebuild and it became a remembrance of a dear friend who took his life just two years prior.

More than a songwriter, Christine’s stage presence is undeniable. Her genuine compassion shines through her beautiful vocals and heart pounding songs. Each show of hers lights the way as she guides the audience to brighter days.

I think the dance charts have been looking for the kind of artist who boldly sets the path for the future. One that can create boldly, building songs that infuse hope. With Christine Gordon leading the way, the dance world is looking right at its future… and it’s pretty bright.

Check out Christine's single 'Tidal Wave' here!

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Peace and love,