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Consider, Blake Rose.

CAUTION: Listening to the new single by Blake Rose entitled "Hotel Room" may cause your body temperature to rise. You may feel sweat beads on your forehead and may even start to dance across the room.

With his debut release, Blake Rose is one of the most exciting artists I've come across in awhile. I got a chance to talk with him recently. Here's a little bit of our conversation.

Consider The Music: Blake, I'm so excited about this new single! Your voice is enchanting on this track. What was it like laying down the vocals for this record?

Blake Rose: Laying down the vocals was a nightmare. I tracked the vocal myself and it was the first time I’d ever tried to do a final vocal. On top of my range not being as strong last year when I recorded Hotel Room, I’m also a massive perfectionist so I basically drove myself insane trying to get it right, the chorus in particular.

Consider The Music: What does the new single mean to you? What did it feel like to release it to the world?

Blake Rose: It means a lot to me being that it’s my first release. I’d been sitting on this song for over a year before it was released and it basically marks the start of a very exciting new chapter in my career and life. It was a massive relief to get Hotel Room out. For so long I’ve been emotionally building towards releasing all the music I’ve been working on, so now that the first song is out, it feels like I can finally take a breath.

Consider The Music: Can listeners expect more sultry pop like this from you in the future?

Blake Rose: I’d say expect the unexpected. I don’t want listeners to settle into a vibe that is too linear. Though there are elements of each song that connect to each other, I wanted them to have their own personality so that each time something new is released it’s a unique experience.

Consider The Music: On the topic of influences... is there anyone you listened to as a kid that you still listen to today and why?

Blake Rose: I used to listen to Eminem quite a bit when I was younger and he’s definitely got a catalogue I still dive into from time to time. I listen to him because his lyrical flow and ideas are so unique and creative so it often sparks ideas. Also Coldplay are a band who I used to listen to a little when I was younger but recently I properly dived into their music and realized how phenomenal they are. I’m a huge fan of anthemic music and they definitely know how to create that.

Consider The Music: In helping people to get to know you better, where are you from and does that play a part in your sound?

Blake Rose: I’m from Perth, Australia. It’s a very alternative based music scene in Perth which isn’t so good for someone like me who crosses over a bit into pop music, but I loved it because it allowed me to expand my music taste and encouraged me to experiment more musically. It definitely influenced my music to be a more electric guitar driven vibe.

Consider The Music: Can you tell me more about the producer on this record, what was it like to work together?

Blake Rose: I produced this song with Justin Gammella. I came up with the initial demo which was solid but it needed to be thickened out which is where Justin killed it. He made the bass I put in the chorus sound HUGE and as soon as I heard that I knew he was perfect for the song. It was a lot of fun finishing it off and was a great learning experience seeing Justin work as he’s incredibly talented.

Consider The Music: What message do you have for your listeners?

Blake Rose: I hope you guys enjoy Hotel Room! It’s the first of many moments to come and I can’t wait for you guys to be a part of them. This is literally the very very beginning so thank you to everyone who has listened.

Check out the steamy video here!

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