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Consider, Skela.

When Indie-Pop songstress Skela popped into my inbox, I was a bit taken back. Her bold image, is just as bold as the lyrics in her songs. She speaks about Rum and love as two of the most perfect things that go together. An idea I think I can get behind.

A self-taught musician, hailing from New York City, Skela has been making serious moves and decided to stop waiting for the music world to come to her. Instead, she burst the door open with over 1 million streams on her first feature, Josh Jacobson's single 'Not Alone'.

Her upcoming release, entitled 'Project 10', drops next Monday and it's loaded with 10 original songs and 10 accompanying music videos. Don't think of Lemonade, this is something entirely different and speaks to the frustration Skela has felt a woman in the music industry.

Filmed over a 6 day period with the help of 3 of her friends, 'Project 10' is a huge passion project that she wants you to see. An inside look into what it's really like to be inside the New York music scene. A view most don't truly get.

Take a look at her music video for 'Heartbreak and Liquor' now!

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Peace and Love,