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Consider, Rob Jamner.

With a March 7th release around the corner, San-Francisco songwriter Rob Jamner has a mission in mind. He wants to bring people together.

Collaborating with 5 different artists, this unique project is one that is centered in community, and the process of making a record from start to finish.

The first time I heard his single "Tapestry", a few things were certain. Jamner gives a very mellow vibe, but he doesn’t leave you hanging there. He infuses areas that are upbeat and are sure to give you a nostalgic feeling of days past.

Hearing his music, will make you want to take out your old Beatles records and pop them in.

“Tapestry” is the kind of song, you want to hear at the end of the day. It’s reflective, it’s thoughtful and it encourages you.

In a sea of writers and artists trying to do anything to fit in, it’s clear that Jamner is happy to stand out.

If you think of some of the artists in music history who definitely stood out in their time, like one of my all-time favorites Simon & Garfunkel, Bob Dylan and more, I would said Jamner is in pretty good company.

I really encourage you to listen to what Rob is singing. I needed many of the words he graced over the track, so check it out here!

And make sure to follow his new project here:




Peace and Love,