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Consider, Mimoza.

International Pop artist Mimoza, is here with one of my favorite songs of the year. A release entitled "Love For Days". On the track Mimoza, puts her herself out there and admits how taking risks with matters of the heart are never easy, but should always, always be taken.

Mimoza sings:

"If you fall first, I'll fall back and love you unafraid.

These days are made for love, and I've got love for days."

It's refreshing to hear a voice singing with so much hope on the topic of love. It's a subject in most songs these days, but honestly the songs are usually centered around get wasted and waking up to a stranger, finding love just for the night, and all in all not really giving a damn.

Friends and colleagues often ask me why I listen to so many "classic" or "throwback" songs. So I tell them, in a current musical sea of smoke and mirrors, where the songs are telling us that the heart is something we should hide, my classic jams remind me that having a heart is ok.

That's why I'm loving this new song by Mimoza. It's current, it's fun and it's a much needed dose of positivity in the music world today."Love For Days" is a song that should definitely make it into your playlists.

Songwriter Mimoza, is no stranger to success. With over 65 million streams to date and a #1 song in Japan, selling more than 70,000 copies in one day, her vocals are sending her on a path to becoming pop royalty.

Living in many parts of the world, opened Mimoza up to different influences and beautiful experiences. Born in Kosovo, her family fled to Sweden at a very young age and she ended up spending most of her childhood there. She later moved to Germany, where she spent almost 11 years. Fluent in 4 languages, she is a well rounded artist who shares her story through her songs. Songs she hopes will bring joy to anyone she can reach.

Mimoza, is currently in Los Angeles working on her first official EP. She's working with some great producers such as, Shea Taylor (Beyonce's “Love On Top”), PJ Bianco (Demi Lovato, Jonas Brothers, Iyaz), and DJ Frank E (BOB’s "Airplanes", Wiz Khalifa’s “When I See You Again").

Mimoza is an honest artist and she isn't afraid to be vulnerable. That's why I'm so excited to hear what she's working on and I hope you'll give her a follow. Mimoza is one to watch.

Make sure to check out her new single "Love For Days"

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Peace and Love,