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Consider, Highland Park Collective.

Indie-pop band Highland Park Collective is here with a brand new single that's sexy, seductive and filled with life!

Entitled "Feel Like You Do", I've had the song on repeat all morning.

Why? Because the words are confident, the message is genuine and the vibes are good.

The very sensual intro pulls you within seconds. It's as if the lead singer is on a huge stage, but you two are the only people in the room and he is singing right to you.

Then the song's energy picks up and takes off like a rocket. Next thing you know you feel like you're dancing at the beach at dawn. Imagine the Sun is just coming up over the water and this new day you've been given is filled with endless possibilities. Turn on this song and you'll be right there.

If you currently have anyone in your head or on your heart, you won't be able to hide once you've heard this track. The word feel isn't just in the title of the song, it's what the song wants you to do. Something we all run from these days, actually feeling something.

As a band, Highland Park Collective has roots on both the East and West coast. Something I believe you can hear in their sound. They've been producing content for other bands for years, and now are taking their turn at the airwaves. A turn they definitely deserve.

Working with a plethora of talented individuals, the door to their studio is always open. They love collaborating with all types of musicians and artists and it's clear to see that they aren't just pushing the creative envelope, but that they are here to make music that will grab the soul and never let go.

I can't wait to hear what they put out next.

Make sure to check out their new single "Feel Like You Do"

LISTEN HERE: https://open.spotify.com/track/4sson2c7NHcDndtksnVRya?si=muuL3VnxTMyV0B9M1Uqcjg

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